Gourmet Drop Off Menu

$65pp plus delivery

$325 minimum charge

Have our chefs create a custom menu for you based on your preferences (Chef’s Choice) or select your menu from the options below (Guest Choice).

*Also available: Our popular Grill Packs allow you to be the chef. Same menu, but we deliver the proteins for you ready-to-grill (or sear, broil, and sauté).

Included with each delivery package:

  • Greens Salad
  • 2 Vegetable Sides
  • 2 Starch Sides
  • 1-2 Entrée selections (based on group size)
  • Dessert

Chef’s Choice

Our most popular package! Just let us know your preferences and we do the rest.

  • Tell us your likes and dislikes (as well as allergies and special requests) and we will design a menu to accommodate.
  • Allows for flexibility and creativity of menu, based on the freshest available ingredients at the time of your visit.
  • Things to consider: proteins, ethnic flavors, style of cuisine, chocoholics, etc.
  • We will make a menu custom designed and surprise you the night of your event.


Guest Choice

For those who like to play it safe and have their menu determined prior to their arrival. Minimum one week notice required.

Choose one salad:

    • Classic Romaine / Garlic Croutons / Shaved Parmesan
    • Organic Local Greens Garden Salad 
    • Spinach Salad / Egg / Bacon / Red Onion

Dressing & Vinaigrette

      • Painkiller Vinaigrette
      • Creamy Lemon & White Anchovy Caesar
      • Basil Balsamic

Choose two vegetables:

    • Pesto-Grilled Zucchini and Squash
    • Creole Spiced Hardy Greens / Garlic / Onion / Peppers / Tomato
    • Sauteed Green Beans / Shallot / Garlic / White Wine Butter
    • Roasted Citrus Cauliflower / Parmesan
    • Steamed Broccoli / Avocado-Lime Butter
    • Tamarind Glazed Carrots

Choose two starches:

Bread & Butter Service

  • Bakery-Fresh Bread
  • Dinner Rolls

Choose one to accompany your bread:

      • Tamarind Butter
      • Honey Butter
      • Balsamic & Olive Oil

Spuds and Roots

    • Roasted Herb Red Bliss Potato
    • Country Smashed Potato
    • Java Booty Roasted Sweet Potato
    • Roasted Local Root Vegetables

Rice and Grains

    • Coconut Lemongrass Rice / Turmeric
    • Caribbean Dirty Rice & Beans
    • Quinoa Pilaf / Citrus Vinaigrette / Diced Vegetables
    • Sweet Pea & Goat Cheese Risotto


    • Down Home Mac’n’Cheese
    • Island Sofrito Penne / Spicy Tomato / Peppers / Onions

Choose One Entree:

Meat and Poultry

    • Grilled Sirloin Tip / Cilantro Vinaigrette
    • Pork Tenderloin / Tamarind BBQ
    • Coconut Crusted Chicken Breast / Tropical Fruit Salsa
    • Jerk Chicken Quarters / Sweet Soy Glaze

Fish and Seafood

    • Sautéed Marinated Shrimp / Skewers
    • Seared Salmon
  • Grilled Fresh Catch, Subject to Availability, To Potentially Include a Market Price Premium:
      • Wahoo
      • Mahi Mahi
      • Red Snapper
    • Yellowfin Tuna

Accompanied By:

    • Chili Lime Crema
    • Mango Chimichurri
    • Spicy Soy Butter

Plant-based Delicacies

    • Chickpea & Lentil Cakes / Tomato Jam
    • Vegetable Wellington / Mushroom-Wine Reduction
    • House-Made Local Pumpkin Ravioli / Thyme Brown Butter

Premium Items

    • Available upon request for an additional fee, ranging from $10-30pp
  • Examples include Lobster Tail, Filet Mignon, Rack of Lamb, etc.

Choose One Dessert:

    • Vanilla Cheesecake / Chef’s Choice Fruit Sauce
    • Deep Chocolate Obsession Torte / Strawberry Sauce
    • Key Lime Tartlets / Whipped Cream
    • Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • Pineapple Crumble / Whipped Cream

Delivery Fee:

  • Flat fee of $75
  • East End $95