Live Action Stations


*Strictly as an add-on. Not a stand alone catering option. Fee does not include the cost of food which is priced per person through the Cinnamon or Trunk package*

  • $650 per station fee – Includes Attendant, Stand, Gas, Clean up, Trash Removal.
  • Live Action Stations are available only as an upgrade/add-on to a catering package; not available as a stand alone option.

St John Catering and Mathayom Private Chefs proudly present a new generation of party possibilities!  Designed to provide a fun addition or alternative to the traditional dinner or buffet, our exclusive Live Action Stations offer a unique experience, with chefs preparing custom menus while you and your guests look on!

We bring our brand new Action Equipment along with all the expertise and resources of St. John’s premier catering team and set up an amazing, outdoor, open kitchen where chefs chop, sizzle and serve custom menus directly to you and your guests.  We have the option to use a grill, a cast iron flat top grill known as a plancha, and portable burners.

Add a little life to your reception with one Action Station, or create a festive food fair with all three!  The possibilities are literally endless!

Some menu possibilities include:

  • Mixed grill: Let our chefs prepare you a mix of proteins-steak, chicken, fish, lobster with a variety of sauces
  • Paella station: Our take on the traditional dish with seafood, spicy sausage, chicken, and saffron rice
  • Mofungo: Borrowed from our Puerto Rican neighbors, this dish’s base is fried plantains with the option to add meat and seafood, finished with a spicy broth
  • Pasta station: Create your own pasta dish with a variety of toppings, sauces, and cheeses
  • Traditional carving station