Villa Grocery Provisioning

The pre-selected packages listed below are available for clients booking events or deliveries.  For full custom provisioning, visit our friends at Landlubber Logistics

Your vacation time is valuable!

Why clog up your itinerary with grocery shopping?

The cost of the provisioning is simple– with two easy packages to choose from, your breakfast and lunch needs while visiting our beautiful islands will be all taken care of.  You benefit from our wholesale prices and we can focus on what we do best – preparing your customized dining experience.

There are only so many hours in the day to go snorkeling, sailing, diving, hiking, lay around the pool or go to the beach. We have all your basics, as well as liquor, beer and wine.  So choose the package that fits you best and let us know how many of each you’d like.  And- when you arrive- you’ll have nothing to do but relax!!


Breakfast Package- $225 (perfect for 4 guests)

1 dozen eggs

1 loaf fresh bakery bread

1 lb bacon

1 lb coffee

1 lb unsalted butter

1 package of 6 small assorted cereals

1 box pancake mix

1 bottle of real maple syrup

1 quart vanilla yogurt

1 bottle house champagne

½ gallon 2% milk

½ gallon fresh frozen OJ with pulp

½ dozen bagels with veggie or plain cream cheese

Small box of sugar or sugar substitute

Small container of half and half

Lunch Package- $250 (perfect for 4 guests)

1 loaf fresh bakery bread

1 lb sliced turkey

1½ lb sliced cheddar

½ lb sliced salami

1 head of romaine lettuce

1 bottle of house dressing

2 tomatoes

1 bermuda onion

1 bag of tortilla chips

1 bag of pretzels

1 jar of medium salsa

Small jar of Grey Poupon

Small jar of Hellman’s Mayo

6 Virgin Islands Summer Ale

6 Bottles of Water

12 Cans of Coke

1 Bottle Cruzan Dark Rum

Please consider one of our other services for your dinner needs.  Our Gourmet Delivery and Private Chef services are perfect for those looking to relax in paradise!

A delivery fee depending on location and 25% service charge will apply.

Delivery Fee Zones:

    • Flat delivery fee of $75
    • East End $95

Please note there is also a minimum for all delivery services: $500 during high season (November 1 – July 15) and $325 during low season (July 16 – October 31). Reservations made less than 48 hours in advance may be subject to a last-minute booking fee.