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Please read this carefully.

You will be asked to verify that you have read this when you request a reservation or place an order. Please click this PDF file: STJC_Policies, sign the bottom, and return to the St. John Catering staff.  Thank you.

For coronavirus related policies please see our COVID-19 Guidelines page


  • Reservations and orders are based upon availability. All reservations must be confirmed by St. John Catering. Please do not assume that your order is placed unless you speak with an STJC representative.
  • STJC will do everything possible to accommodate any order- however, short-notice orders within 24hrs may be denied. For the greatest chance of success, please plan ahead. We appreciate at least two weeks notice for Private Events and Provisioning and at least two days notice for our Drop-Off Service.


  • Preliminary Deposits: To secure a date before details have been arranged, we gladly accept a $500.00 deposit for parties of 20 and under, $1000.00 for parties of over 20, and $1500.00 for parties of 30 or more. Once preliminary details have been established, we will charge the remainder of the 50% deposit due.
  • ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE: STJC is not responsible for cancellation due to acts of nature, transportation difficulties, death in the family, change of plans, illness, or restrictions set in place due to the novel coronavirus. All deposits are non-refundable, however STJC will honor a deposit for up to one year if the guest needs to make a change of plans.
  • A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to secure any Private Chef Event, Wedding / Banquet, Gourmet Delivery, Provisioning or Equipment Rental. For custom provisions, an estimate will be given based on your list of items.

Balances Due:

  • Private Chef Events- full balance is due on day of completion.
  • Weddings / Banquets- final head count and payment are due 30 days prior to the event.
  • Gourmet Deliveries- full balance is due day of delivery.
  • Provisioning- full balance is due prior to delivery (day of).
  • Equipment Rental- full balance is due prior to delivery (day of).
  •  STJC reserves the right to return a deposit to any client for any reason and release the reservation.

Payment Methods:

  • There will be a 5% Credit Card Processing Fee (if applicable) added to each transaction.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for your convenience. Please have your cardholder name, card number, expiration date, security code and billing address on hand. We also accept Certified or Cashier’s Check, Money Order, Local Check, Cash, or Traveler’s Check.
  • Please remit check or money order payment to: St. John Catering PO Box 1039 Cruz Bay St. John, VI 00831-1039

High & Low Season Minimum Rates

  • Low Season Minimum Rates for St. John (July 16- October 31)
    • On-Site Event Minimum: $525
    • Deliveries Minimum: $325
  • High Season Minimum Rates for St. John (November 1 – July 15)
    • On-Site Event Minimum: $750
    • Deliveries Minimum: $500
  • All onsite events on St. Thomas have a minimum rate of $1125 year round plus transportation fees
  • All events during the Christmas and New Years weeks carry a $1000min for on site, and $650 for delivery

Event Information

Event Duration

  • In-Villa Chef Services are to be no longer than 5 hours of on-site time and larger events are to be no longer than 6 hours, to include set up, meal time, and cleanup. Extended staff hours are billed at $75 per staff member for each hour and each partial hour.

Event Staff:

  • A chef’s fee of $350 may apply for a la carte services (breakfasts, brunches, lunches, boat trips, charter jets, etc.).
  • A sous chef may be required for parties of 10 or more. The fee is $250 for up to five hours including setup and breakdown. Additional hours will be billed at a rate of $75 per hour.
  • Servers may be required for some events and will be billed at $250 for up to five hours including setup and breakdown. Additional hours will be billed at a rate of $75 per hour. The following are the guidelines for staff members:
  • Plated Chef Events (1 per every 10-12 guests)
  • Informal Chef Events (1 per every 20 guests)
  • Buffets (1 server per every 20 guests, 1 chef for every 25 guests)
  • Cocktail Receptions (1 per every 20 guests, 1 chef for every 25 guests)
  • An Event Manager is required for all large events (20pp+). This individual is your “Point Person” for the event and will communicate with the kitchen staff, floor staff, and coordinator (when applicable), as well as be present at your walk-through to review flow, timeline, and other pertinent details of your event. The fee for this individual is $350.00.
  • Additional staff: bartenders, live station attendants, bussers and hosts may be required for some events and will be billed at $250 for up to five on-site hours including setup and breakdown. Additional hours will be billed at a rate of $75 per hour.
  • Dishwashers are required for any event of 10 or more guests with rentals of china, glass or silverware and will be billed at $250 for up to five hours including setup and breakdown. Additional hours will be billed at a rate of $75 per hour.

Additional Fees

  • Bookings made less than 48 hours in advance are subject to a last-minute fee starting at $150
  • Holiday Fees: A $500.00 Holiday Fee will apply to any On-site Event and a Holiday Fee of $100.00 will apply to all Deliveries booked on the following dates: Easter, Independence Day (7/4), Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve (12/24),  Christmas Day (12/25), New Year’s Eve (12/31), and New Year’s Day (1/1). Please note that this is in addition to our regular rates.
  • Delivery Fees Apply for Equipment Rental. Fees dependent upon volume of order, distance and ease of terrain. Average fee of $10 per guest for full rental package.
  • Delivery Fees (as listed below) apply for food Provisioning and Gourmet Drop-off:
    • Flat fee of $75
    • East End of St. John $95
    • St. Thomas varies by location (please ask our office staff for specifics for your event)
  • A Transportation Fee of no less than $90 for In-Villa Chef Services may apply for villas on the East End of St. John or past Calabash Boom. A transportation fee of no less than $225 may apply to all locations on St. Thomas.
  • Gratuities are discretionary with two exceptions: 
    • an auto-service charge on parties booked through vacation clubs
    • a 20% auto-gratuity will be added to all parties of 20 people or more with additional gratuities welcome at your discretion.
  • Last-minute changes are subject to a $500.00 convenience fee PER CHANGE, billed at the discretion of STJC. The term “last-minute” refers to any time frame less than 24 hours prior to the event for parties of less than 20 and any time frame less than one week prior to the event for parties of 20 or more. Changes may include but are not limited to menus, guest counts, timelines, rental needs, location, and food restrictions.
  • We love kids!!! However, it is recommended that to maximize your enjoyment of the evening and to avoid being billed for extended staff hours, Formal Events should be child-free or you should plan on a start time that is after the kids go to bed.
  •  Children 11 and under are billed at half price of the adult service level for the event. Children 2 and under are not billed for the event if we are not feeding them, but we still appreciate knowing of their presence in advance so that we can provide the best possible service. Children have the option of eating half-sized portions of the adult menu or kids menus can be accommodated, but we request that all of the kids in the party have the same menu (Chicken Fingers, Burgers, Plain Grilled Items, Pasta, Mac and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Veggies, Salad, Cookies, etc.).
  • Equipment Rentals are priced for a 24 hour period unless otherwise stated on your invoice. Additional fees may be charged if rentals are kept longer than this.
  • In the case of our Event Packages where rentals are included and staff is present, it is understood that STJC will knock down and carry away all of the rentals that same evening when possible (extended staff hours may apply). If the client chooses to have the rentals at the venue for an extended period without the staff there, a fee of $275.00 minimum, may be assessed if STJC needs to come back for a followup knockdown and pickup. The client may avoid this fee if cleanup from the event is done, linens are bagged, and the furniture/rentals are clean and stacked in a neat and orderly fashion, available for pickup in an easy to load location (no stairs or access to the inside of the villa needed, etc.).

When booking an event, please click this .pdf file: STJC_Policies, sign the bottom, and return to the St. John Catering staff.  Thank you.

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