Vegetarian Full Moon Dinner Harvest Moon September 16, 2016

This past Friday, we had another spectacular four-course meal put out by some of our team of talented chefs.  Nils Carlstedt and Jeh Roberts spearheaded the efforts for our intimate affair, and they didn’t disappoint.

It’s understandable that some folks might be timid about trying a vegetarian meal.  Probably, at some point in their past, they have have less than satisfying experiences, and are tapping into a distant memory of grilled tofu over brown rice or something similar.

However, all of our chefs are themselves omnivores and understand the nutritional cravings for protein that go along with being accustomed to eating meat.  So, we designed a menu that left no one hungry.  Using many ingredients that came from our kitchen-side garden, the chefs made the menu creative while at the same time familiar.

In addition, our very own Iron Bartender and office magician, Jackie Driscoll, came up with drink pairings that not only were crafted to perfection, but also enhanced the meal’s flavor and personality.

In direct contrast to this month, for October’s Hunter Moon, we will be hosting a Robert Mondavi Wine Dinner featuring Wild Game.  Price will be $90 for food only and $125 with with wine pairings.  Call us at 877-690-9393 to reserve your seats for October 14th, as this one will sell out quickly.

Check out the September’s menu and pictures below:



Sorrel Orange Jasmine Simple Syrup // Brugal Oak Aged Extra Viejo Rum // Fresh Orange & Lime Juice // Cava

Windy Level Purple Basil & Local Passion Fruit Shrub //  Ginger Lemongrass & Honey Simple Syrup //  Vodka // Club Soda

Spicy Serrano Grapefruit Simple Syrup //  Fresh Grapefruit Juice //  Muddle Cucumber & Cilantro // Tequila // Orange Liqueur // Citrus Salt Rim


Local Yam Rosti  /  Windy Level Salad  /  Radish  / 62 Degree Egg

Coconut Polenta  / Roasted Mushroom   / Asparagus  / Truffle Vinaigrette

Cauliflower “Cake” /  Windy Level Aubergine  /  Black Garlic  / Freekeh

Sweet Carrot & Parsnip Souffle / Candied Pecan  / Orange Tuille