Robert Mondavi Full Moon Dinner

It’s hard to believe that we find ourselves halfway through October already, but here we are! For this month’s Full Moon Dinner, Mathayom Private Chefs partnered with Robert Mondavi on our Hunter Moon Menu.


Inspired by the super-moon, Chef Nils and Chef Jeh curated a menu that reflected the rustic feelings the October moon’s name evokes.

The First course drew us in with fresh flavors of a coconut celeriac vichyssoise. The earthy tastes were then topped with a grilled and chilled Caribbean lobster tail that added the subtle hint of brininess. The beautifully dissected pickled okra from the Windy Level garden added that much needed crisp, acidic bite. The pickling spices danced on the palate with the smooth flavors of the vichyssoise. 


To top it all off, the snapper escabeche brought you back to the sea element,and added another unique texture to this multilayered dish. The Mondavi Fume Blanc was impeccably  paired, with its light acidity and bright notes of fruit. 

For the second course, we traveled back to land, to the “Briar Patch”. Here we encountered the most tender, flavorful braised rabbit. This plate was all about bite consistency versus bite variety. The precisely cooked quail egg sat adjacent to the rabbit, over a swipe of Malabar tinted turnip puree.


Each bite allowed for either a different flavor or the continuously “perfect bite” with equal distribution of each component. The pumpkin gnocchi was placed delicately over a bed of kale that was sauteed in coconut oil (a highly recommended preparation). The melted leeks served to round out the braised rabbit with a buttery quality, while maintaining the green color and taste so loved in leeks. The light woody aspect of Mondavi’s Pinot Noir was the optimum accompaniment to this course.

The third course was aptly named “Preservation” and was the chef’s take on charcuterie. Each element displayed a different method of preserving food (even the tiny cornichon). Fortunately for us and all of our guests, Chef Ben recently took a trip home to Mississippi where he tagged a deer. Ben brought his trophy back and from there he meticulously cooked the smokiest, tender venison pastrami. Additionally Chef Ben created a delicious sausage with alligator and frog, also brought to us from the bayous of Mississippi.


The Hunter’s jerky was a hearty chunk of dehydrated house-made sausage, it was ideally salty and married well with the Jackfruit jam. The cohesive element of the entire dish was the grilled bread which allowed for a starchy, crunchy bite with each of the various components. The bread was playfully displayed on wooden blocks with curved copper wire, creating a figure that resembled a bread tree. It was fun and really contributed well to the theme of the dish as well as the overall tone of the evening. This course was a superb match for the full bodied Mondavi Cabernet.

The fourth and final savory dish was the Duck Dynasty course. It was simply plated and well executed. The juicy duck sat atop honey grits, which balanced out the gamey flavor of the bird and the crispy, saltiness of the jamon. The broccoli added the needed vegetable element, giving the plate a lovely pop of  bright green. The Maestro, the star of the Mondavi collection, really held up well to the duck and jamon- pushing through with flavors of dark fruit. The dry, oak aged taste was the ultimate finale to our journey through the red wine.

Our crowning course, the Dolly Beauregard was a tasty and aesthetically pleasing dessert. The name is a witty play on the flamboyant appearance of Dolly Parton and the swollen blueberry fate of Violet Beauregard.

img_6573The cheesecake was faultlessly prepared, the plum compote drawing on both tart and sweet flavor profiles cultivated a voluptuous dessert. The slightly effervescent Mondavi  Moscato was just the right hint of sweet to compliment the house-churned molasses ice cream that topped the Dolly Beauregard. It was an amazing conclusion to a fun, foodie evening.

A portion of our proceeds were donated to Thanks again to everyone who attended and everyone who dug a little deeper to give to those in need in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Please join us for our next dinner on Monday November 14th, seats have already been sold, so don’t wait to reserve yours! This is a Thai inspired dinner, five courses with four cocktail pairings. or call 340.777.5464

December Full Moon Dinner

Winter Is Coming

Hearty and Traditional Fare

 Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 – The Cold Moon

The Red Wedding – Beterauve au Vin

Wine-braised Red & Yellow Beets / Fennel / Orange / Radish

Peace in Highgarden – Squash Rainbow “Rose Tart”

Butternut Squash / Acorn Squash / Parsnip / Carrot / Local Squash / Cauliflower Crust / Herb Pistou

Khaleesi Meets the Riverlands – Table Side Fish

Broiled Fresh Catch / Chipotle Hollandaise / Steamed artichoke / Duck Fat Pommes Frites / Verjus Vinegar

King of the North – Deconstructed Shepherd’s Pie

Tania – Papaya – Local Sweet Potato (Duchess Style) / Braised Short Rib Ragout / Fava Beans / Grape Reduction

The Hound, The Imp, and The Whore – Macaroon Trio

Sundried Tomato / Goat Cheese / Balsamic Reduction

Maple / Bacon / Mascarpone

Chocolate / Chili

St. John Catering Serves Up New Menus

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With season right around the corner, the team at St. John Catering has been working over-time testing recipes and writing menus. The result of their work certainly whets the appetite, but with these eats- you shouldn’t go hungry!

We are unveiling new Formal Menus, Informal Menus and Banquet Menus. Each one of our chefs has contributed, making this truly an amalgamation of all our team’s unique talents and palettes.

Everyone here are STJC is very excited to share their knowledge and skills with you!

Check out these exquisite, mouth-watering menus!




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