Winter is Coming! December 2016 Full Moon Dinner

December’s Full Moon is aptly named the Cold Moon, and serves as a starting point for the long nights ahead. For those of us in the Caribbean, we have been waiting for this time of year to cool things off a bit with the help of the Christmas Winds.

To celebrate the coming season, we designed this month’s Full Moon Dinner menu to feature hearty, traditional fare (and obviously had some fun with the Game of Thrones theme, as well).  Jason De Leo of Silverado Wines and Tegan Lucas of Southern Glazers helped us out with the pairings and did a fantastic job going to each table and describing them.

We are extremely proud of our new deck space!  Thanks to Ben Lewis, our Southern Chef Extraordinaire / Duck Blind Expert, we now have a comfortable, brand new outdoor spot for our guests to have a cocktail, eat dinner, host a yoga class, hang a hammock, etc.  It’s still a work-in-progress for the time being, but soon, the space will be completely covered and ready for folks to host weddings and rehearsal dinners or any other special event.


For now, it serves as a great venue for half of our Full Moon Dinner guests, with only minor sprinkles to get in the way.  We offer the space at no extra charge to anyone who uses our services for their event here, with a minimum amount of catering.

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We created a Chicha Morada Kir to pair with the first course, with Purple Corn grown in our garden.  Then Silverado provided their Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet for the remaining courses.

On to the food!

The first course was titled The Red Wedding – Beterauve au Vin and included:
Wine-braised Red & Yellow Beets / Fennel / Orange / Radish


Next up, Peace in Highgarden – Squash Rainbow “Rose Tart”
Butternut Squash / Acorn Squash / Parsnip / Carrot / Local Squash / Cauliflower Crust / Herb Pistou

Chef Jeh Roberts spent many hours crafting these delicate Tarts into works of art.  The Cauliflower Crust was especially a big hit.  A carrot powder stencil tied the plate together.

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The fish course was Khaleesi Meets the Riverlands – Table Side Fish
Broiled Fresh Catch / Chipotle Hollandaise / Steamed artichoke / Duck Fat Pommes Frites / Verjus Vinegar

Chef Nils Carlstedt went to each table and served the whole broiled snapper onto each plate.


For the hearty meat dish, we decided upon King of the North – Deconstructed Shepherd’s Pie
Tania – Papaya – Local Sweet Potato (Duchess Style) / Braised Short Rib Ragout / Fava Beans / Grape Reduction

The guests had a great time screaming the title of this dish in unison, repeatedly…


Finally for dessert came The Hound, The Imp, and The Whore – Macaroon Trio
Sundried Tomato / Goat Cheese / Balsamic Reduction
Maple / Bacon / Mascarpone
Chocolate / Chili

The humidity tested our patience as we tried to keep the cookies crisp.  Nils was able to figure out the best method before losing his mind, and the final products turned out beautifully.


Thanks again to all who participated, both staff and guests.  We had a full house and look forward to next month’s tribute to Father Time: Aged and Fermented Foods with beers provided by 3BV Distributors.


Group shot! Group shot! Group shot! Group shot!