Keep the Romance Alive: Legendary Aphrodisiacs

February 2017’s Full Moon Dinner at the Windy Level put an emphasis on Valentine’s Day and the {ahem} spirit that it brings.

Throughout time, people have tried to figure out an easy way for their partners (and themselves) to get in the mood.  While researching the topic of foods that were purported to have the qualities of an aphrodisiac , we found that most of the common factors were a tendency to be heart-healthy, contain antioxidants, and get the blood pumping.

Before we get into the food and wine, here are some gratuitous shots of the Caribbean Sunset and Blue Water:


This was our menu (which was apparently too tongue-in-cheek to be approved for :

Baby, I Like It Raw: Oyster Three-way    Olive Pesto / Pickled Burdock Mignonette / Compressed Watermelon

You’re Really Hot, Honey     House Burrata / Avocado / Citrus Salad / Chili-Infused Honey / Basil

Nice Package!         Artichoke Strudel / Arugula / Fig Jam / Pepitas / Tomato

There’s Plenty of Fish…      Plantain-Stuffed Scottish Salmon / Ginseng-Coconut Couscous / Balsamic-Grilled Asparagus / Lobster Sauce

Warm, Sweet, and Creamy       Cinnamon Poached Pear / Vanilla Crème Anglaise

Take Me Home, Already        Surprise Parting Gift  (it was a Chocolate-Covered Long Stem Strawberry)


We partnered up with Dale Miller, owner of AB Cellars, who provided some great Italian selections for our meal.  We also welcomed chef Vinny Alterio to the team for his first dinner with us!


Oyster Course

We splurged and got some really nice product in for this one.  A trio of fresh oysters included Blue Point, Wianno, and Katama varieties.


We even had a Peeky Crab or two in the mix!  The Blue Points went with the Olive Pesto, the Wianno with the Burdock Root, and the Katama went in a Watermelon Shooter.

Plating was with some rock salt, grilled citrus, smoking thyme, and pickled watermelon rind.

Pairing: Calliope Prosecco



Cheese Course

We made our own Mozzarella Burrata, stuffed with Garden Herbs and Ricotta.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some fresh Avocado, a Citronette Salad, Habanero Salt, and Chili-Honey rounded out the flavors, and a Flax-Hemp-Chia Seed Cracker added the necessary crunch factor.

Pairing: 2013 Colli Vincenti Pinot Grigio


Salad Course

For our artichoke strudel, we took fresh Artichoke Barigoule and tossed it with caramelized onions, as well as roasted and pureed Bottle Gourds from our garden (locally called Sweet Go’, they can reach the size of an adult’s arm!) and put them mixture into phyllo dough.  They have been so abundant in our garden, we gave away three of them to guests along with four bottles of wine in our monthly raffle (Congratulations to Sharelle who won two bottles of wine and one bottle gourd!)

Finishing off the plate, we added locally grown Arugula, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes from our garden, Pepitas, and a Fig Jam for a bit of unctuous flavor.

Pairing: 2012 Cerretello Chianti Superiore


Fish Course

Normally, we like to serve locally caught seafood, but once in a while, it’s nice to mix it up and get in something special.  It was our first encounter with the Ora King product, and we couldn’t have been more pleased.  The organically raised King Salmon met every expectation of quality we could ask for, although it was quite pricey (but worth it).



We figured it was best to keep things relatively simple, so we did a Coconut Israeli Cous-Cous, Lobster Sauce, Reduced Balsamic, Asparagus, and a Plantain Stuffing.  We kept the skin and crisped it up.  The flavor combo was amazing!  The salmon and plantain was seared and then lightly roasted to a medium temperature, letting the fattiness open up but keeping the flesh tender and flaky.

A non-traditional pairing of the 2005 Moro di Pava Super Tuscan was just what this dish called for, mixing the rich, hearty flavors of the food with the complex meritage of Merlot, Cab Franc, and Sangiovese.


Dessert Course (not pictured)

The Poached Pear we did was not overtly sweet.  The Sous Vide technique allowed us to reach the perfect temperature and texture while retaining the pear’s own juices.  Cooked with cinnamon and a touch of the paired Vin Santo dessert wine (made from Trebbiano Grapes), we plated it with a bit of Vanilla Creme Anglaise and some Aquafaba that we torched to a golden brown.

Pairing: Vin Santo Dessert Wine



All 44 guests left with a long-stemmed chocolate covered strawberry, and hopefully feeling a bit more amorous than when they arrived.  Below is a list of some of the ingredients that we used and their purported effects.  Thanks to everyone who attended and worked this event!  For March 2017, we will be doing a Five Course Vegan interpretation of the “Worm Moon” on Friday, March 10th. Come join us and experience the Windy Level for yourself!




Oysters – Zinc (men) – men lose zinc with every climax.  Also contain Amino Acids

Pine Nuts – Zinc

Olive Oil – Healthy Heart

Burdock – Used for sterility and impotence in China

Watermelon – Lycopene (relaxes blood vessels)


Avocado – Vitamin E

Chili – Endorphins (Increased heart rate) Capsacin

Honey – Boron (regulates estrogen).  Mead (from Honey) was traditionally served on Honeymoon, hence the name.


Artichoke – Silymarin (heart health & liver function)

Arugula – Minerals and antioxidants to block contaminants

Fig – Potassium

Pepitas – Magnesium (raise testosterone)


Salmon – Omega 3 (heart health)

Plantain – Bromelain (triggers testosterone productions)

Ginseng – Saponins (increased energy)

Coconut – Increased blood flow


Cinnamon – Raises Body Temp

Vanilla – Stimulates nerves

Red Wine – Reservatrol antioxidant (increased blood flow)


Chocolate – tryptophan, is a building block of serotonin, a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal



January 2017 Full Moon Dinner

Well, the start of the New Year has begun, and to kick things off, we decided to pay homage to the guy who takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’: Father Time.

Aged and fermented foods were the focus of the menu for Thursday, January 12th, 2017, and Enrique Rodriguez from 3BV Distributors in St. Thomas helped us out on the beverage side of things with some of his imported selections.  Some of you may know Enrique from his other job: running Rodriguez Auto Parts.

We did a four course menu this time around and Enrique had fun raffling off lots of bottles for guests to take home.  Photographer Leah Randall was on hand to take shots of the space, the food, and the guests.

We also had our sails up over our outdoor space, which is really close to completion!  Just a few more tweaks here and there. Big shout out to Mathew Gibney and Ben Lewis for their parts in making it happen.


For the First Course, Chef Nils went with:

Pickles / Jamon / Smoked Salmon Rillet / Sourdough / Preserved Lemon Jam / Aged Manchego 

And Enrique poured a Witte Beer from Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY


David from Caravan Auto, who is actually quite an accomplished baker, hooked us up with some of his phenomenal Sourdough Bread.  We preserved our lemons and made our pickled items.

Next on the docket, we had:

Salt Fish Croquette / Island Chow Chow / Caviar / House Creme Fraiche / Mustard Greens

Enrique paired it with LaChouffe, a Golden Ale from Brewery Achouffe in Belgium.

Banana Leaves and Mustard Greens straight from our own garden!

For the main course, we did:

Dry Aged Beef Sirloin / Stilton & Cauliflower Gratin / Brussel Sprouts / Speck

We quick dry-aged our beef for about three days using a technique involving fish sauce and cheese cloth.  The result was just the right amount of funkiness coupled with a subtle hint of aged Stilton in the Gratin.

Our beer selection was the flagship beer from Brewery Duvel Moortgat, also a Golden Ale from Belgium but with less spice.

To finish things off, it was a

Pound Cake / Kombucha Gelee / Merengue / Fizzy Fruit

The Kombucha was made in house by Chef Mat and the fruit was made fizzy using CO2 and a whipped cream siphon.

The beer choice was probably the most popular because it was so unusual.  A Cuvee Brut from Brewery Liefmans, also in Belgium (I sense a theme here).  Lightly sweet and fruity, it was the perfect accompaniment to the dessert course.

Unfortunately, no one captured an image of the dessert or the beer being poured, so we’ll just have to stick in a picture that was ripped off of the brewery’s website…


We also didn’t get a traditional group shot at the end of the evening (streak broken!), so in lieu of that, here are some shots of happy guests and staff throughout the evening.


Thanks again to all who participated, and we look forward to next month’s dinner.  The theme is: Keep the Romance Alive – Legendary Aphrodisiacs on Saturday, February 11th, 2017.

Winter is Coming! December 2016 Full Moon Dinner

December’s Full Moon is aptly named the Cold Moon, and serves as a starting point for the long nights ahead. For those of us in the Caribbean, we have been waiting for this time of year to cool things off a bit with the help of the Christmas Winds.

To celebrate the coming season, we designed this month’s Full Moon Dinner menu to feature hearty, traditional fare (and obviously had some fun with the Game of Thrones theme, as well).  Jason De Leo of Silverado Wines and Tegan Lucas of Southern Glazers helped us out with the pairings and did a fantastic job going to each table and describing them.

We are extremely proud of our new deck space!  Thanks to Ben Lewis, our Southern Chef Extraordinaire / Duck Blind Expert, we now have a comfortable, brand new outdoor spot for our guests to have a cocktail, eat dinner, host a yoga class, hang a hammock, etc.  It’s still a work-in-progress for the time being, but soon, the space will be completely covered and ready for folks to host weddings and rehearsal dinners or any other special event.


For now, it serves as a great venue for half of our Full Moon Dinner guests, with only minor sprinkles to get in the way.  We offer the space at no extra charge to anyone who uses our services for their event here, with a minimum amount of catering.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We created a Chicha Morada Kir to pair with the first course, with Purple Corn grown in our garden.  Then Silverado provided their Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet for the remaining courses.

On to the food!

The first course was titled The Red Wedding – Beterauve au Vin and included:
Wine-braised Red & Yellow Beets / Fennel / Orange / Radish


Next up, Peace in Highgarden – Squash Rainbow “Rose Tart”
Butternut Squash / Acorn Squash / Parsnip / Carrot / Local Squash / Cauliflower Crust / Herb Pistou

Chef Jeh Roberts spent many hours crafting these delicate Tarts into works of art.  The Cauliflower Crust was especially a big hit.  A carrot powder stencil tied the plate together.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The fish course was Khaleesi Meets the Riverlands – Table Side Fish
Broiled Fresh Catch / Chipotle Hollandaise / Steamed artichoke / Duck Fat Pommes Frites / Verjus Vinegar

Chef Nils Carlstedt went to each table and served the whole broiled snapper onto each plate.


For the hearty meat dish, we decided upon King of the North – Deconstructed Shepherd’s Pie
Tania – Papaya – Local Sweet Potato (Duchess Style) / Braised Short Rib Ragout / Fava Beans / Grape Reduction

The guests had a great time screaming the title of this dish in unison, repeatedly…


Finally for dessert came The Hound, The Imp, and The Whore – Macaroon Trio
Sundried Tomato / Goat Cheese / Balsamic Reduction
Maple / Bacon / Mascarpone
Chocolate / Chili

The humidity tested our patience as we tried to keep the cookies crisp.  Nils was able to figure out the best method before losing his mind, and the final products turned out beautifully.


Thanks again to all who participated, both staff and guests.  We had a full house and look forward to next month’s tribute to Father Time: Aged and Fermented Foods with beers provided by 3BV Distributors.


Group shot! Group shot! Group shot! Group shot!


Thai Me Up! November 2016 Full Moon Dinner Recap

Wow, what a Super Moon (literally)! The closest one we’ve had in almost 70 years, and we were blessed enough to have great weather, during this otherwise rainy November, to be able to see it in all it’s spectacular beauty.


“Hey, look!  The moon!  And some cars!”

We were also lucky enough to be able to get our new outside space pulled together just in time for a capacity crowd and our largest gathering to date, thanks to Mathew Gibney.  He’s our gardener AND handyman extraordinaire.  We think it came out pretty nice, and are looking to improve it even more for future events.  (REMEMBER: The Windy Level space is available for FREE* if you book a minimum of $2500 in catering services at our venue).


Onto the menu.  We’ve had a ton of requests for Asian-inspired food, so being the people-pleasers that we are, we developed a menu based on Mathayom’s childhood palate.  Here it is in all it’s glory:

Course #1 – Broken Summer Roll: Shrimp / Black Rice / Sweet Chili
Drink: Lemongrass & Thai Basil Mojito

We wanted to make this one look like a “Shrimp Volcano”, with the Chili Sauce as the hot lava (not pictured)


Apparently, it’s not pronounced, “Moe-JAI-toe”

Course #2 – Tom Ka Pĕd: Coconut Soup / Duck / Lime Leaf

For the soup course, we did a twist on the traditional Thai Coconut dish. Our version contained Duck Confit Dumplings, a trio of vegetables (Pearl Onion, Shiitake, Roasted Pepper), and fresh Lime Leaf from Chef Jeh’s garden.  We took some of the banana leaves from our garden, used them as covers, and added a touch of smoke to our version.

Course #3 – Pho Real:  Crispy Catch / Pho Fumet / Sweet Potato Glass Noodle
Drink Pairing: Spicy Mango-Tumeric Sour

Chili threads accent the dish and add a pop of color

We got some snapper and created a glass noodle cake for the base.  For the sauce, Chef Nils made a local Wahoo Fumet and added some of the traditional spices and seasonings one might find in Pho, such as ginger, onion, garlic, star anise, and cinnamon.  We then reduced this down for an intense yet light flavor base.

Course #4 – 18th Parallel: Mango Pork / Purple Curry / Fried Basil
Drink Pairing: Lime Leaf Bourbon Ginger

Purple Curry is the new Yellow Curry

For the meat course, we used a mixture of flavors that encompassed those found in both Southeast Asia as well as the Caribbean.  Because the climates are so similar, we have a lot of products that thrive in our respective environments, but are put together differently.  To make the purple curry, the chefs used beets, purple potatoes, coconut milk, and lots of love.  The pork shoulder was sliced, pounded, and braised with mango and spices, and we threw on some pumpkin for depth and color.  Thai Sticky Rice (sent down by Mat’s mom) and Fried Basil completed the dish.


Course #5 – Buddha Belly: Coconut Custard / Tea Redux / Rambutan Coulis
Drink Pairing: Spiked Thai Iced Tea

By the time dessert course came out, folks were busting at the seams, so we kept the portions small and manicured.  Chef Ben torched the tops of the Coconut Egg Custard to create a brulee effect, afterwhich the kitchen drizzled a jasmine tea reduction and rambutan coulis to add to the flavor combo.  The spiked Thai Iced Tea was a refreshing bit of caffeinated buzz to end the evening.


Of course, no Full Moon Dinner at #windylevel is complete without a group shot.  We had so many people, that we had to move everyone outside into the new area to fit them all!  Our free shuttle came right on time and got our guests back downtown, with tiny turmeric plants to commemorate the evening.

Next month: Winter is Coming! – Hearty and Traditional Fare with Silverado Wines on Tuesday, December 13th.  Make your reservations today if you will be on island and wish to join us!

Robert Mondavi Full Moon Dinner

It’s hard to believe that we find ourselves halfway through October already, but here we are! For this month’s Full Moon Dinner, Mathayom Private Chefs partnered with Robert Mondavi on our Hunter Moon Menu.


Inspired by the super-moon, Chef Nils and Chef Jeh curated a menu that reflected the rustic feelings the October moon’s name evokes.

The First course drew us in with fresh flavors of a coconut celeriac vichyssoise. The earthy tastes were then topped with a grilled and chilled Caribbean lobster tail that added the subtle hint of brininess. The beautifully dissected pickled okra from the Windy Level garden added that much needed crisp, acidic bite. The pickling spices danced on the palate with the smooth flavors of the vichyssoise. 


To top it all off, the snapper escabeche brought you back to the sea element,and added another unique texture to this multilayered dish. The Mondavi Fume Blanc was impeccably  paired, with its light acidity and bright notes of fruit. 

For the second course, we traveled back to land, to the “Briar Patch”. Here we encountered the most tender, flavorful braised rabbit. This plate was all about bite consistency versus bite variety. The precisely cooked quail egg sat adjacent to the rabbit, over a swipe of Malabar tinted turnip puree.


Each bite allowed for either a different flavor or the continuously “perfect bite” with equal distribution of each component. The pumpkin gnocchi was placed delicately over a bed of kale that was sauteed in coconut oil (a highly recommended preparation). The melted leeks served to round out the braised rabbit with a buttery quality, while maintaining the green color and taste so loved in leeks. The light woody aspect of Mondavi’s Pinot Noir was the optimum accompaniment to this course.

The third course was aptly named “Preservation” and was the chef’s take on charcuterie. Each element displayed a different method of preserving food (even the tiny cornichon). Fortunately for us and all of our guests, Chef Ben recently took a trip home to Mississippi where he tagged a deer. Ben brought his trophy back and from there he meticulously cooked the smokiest, tender venison pastrami. Additionally Chef Ben created a delicious sausage with alligator and frog, also brought to us from the bayous of Mississippi.


The Hunter’s jerky was a hearty chunk of dehydrated house-made sausage, it was ideally salty and married well with the Jackfruit jam. The cohesive element of the entire dish was the grilled bread which allowed for a starchy, crunchy bite with each of the various components. The bread was playfully displayed on wooden blocks with curved copper wire, creating a figure that resembled a bread tree. It was fun and really contributed well to the theme of the dish as well as the overall tone of the evening. This course was a superb match for the full bodied Mondavi Cabernet.

The fourth and final savory dish was the Duck Dynasty course. It was simply plated and well executed. The juicy duck sat atop honey grits, which balanced out the gamey flavor of the bird and the crispy, saltiness of the jamon. The broccoli added the needed vegetable element, giving the plate a lovely pop of  bright green. The Maestro, the star of the Mondavi collection, really held up well to the duck and jamon- pushing through with flavors of dark fruit. The dry, oak aged taste was the ultimate finale to our journey through the red wine.

Our crowning course, the Dolly Beauregard was a tasty and aesthetically pleasing dessert. The name is a witty play on the flamboyant appearance of Dolly Parton and the swollen blueberry fate of Violet Beauregard.

img_6573The cheesecake was faultlessly prepared, the plum compote drawing on both tart and sweet flavor profiles cultivated a voluptuous dessert. The slightly effervescent Mondavi  Moscato was just the right hint of sweet to compliment the house-churned molasses ice cream that topped the Dolly Beauregard. It was an amazing conclusion to a fun, foodie evening.

A portion of our proceeds were donated to Thanks again to everyone who attended and everyone who dug a little deeper to give to those in need in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Please join us for our next dinner on Monday November 14th, seats have already been sold, so don’t wait to reserve yours! This is a Thai inspired dinner, five courses with four cocktail pairings. or call 340.777.5464

December Full Moon Dinner

Winter Is Coming

Hearty and Traditional Fare

 Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 – The Cold Moon

The Red Wedding – Beterauve au Vin

Wine-braised Red & Yellow Beets / Fennel / Orange / Radish

Peace in Highgarden – Squash Rainbow “Rose Tart”

Butternut Squash / Acorn Squash / Parsnip / Carrot / Local Squash / Cauliflower Crust / Herb Pistou

Khaleesi Meets the Riverlands – Table Side Fish

Broiled Fresh Catch / Chipotle Hollandaise / Steamed artichoke / Duck Fat Pommes Frites / Verjus Vinegar

King of the North – Deconstructed Shepherd’s Pie

Tania – Papaya – Local Sweet Potato (Duchess Style) / Braised Short Rib Ragout / Fava Beans / Grape Reduction

The Hound, The Imp, and The Whore – Macaroon Trio

Sundried Tomato / Goat Cheese / Balsamic Reduction

Maple / Bacon / Mascarpone

Chocolate / Chili

St. John Catering Serves Up New Menus

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With season right around the corner, the team at St. John Catering has been working over-time testing recipes and writing menus. The result of their work certainly whets the appetite, but with these eats- you shouldn’t go hungry!

We are unveiling new Formal Menus, Informal Menus and Banquet Menus. Each one of our chefs has contributed, making this truly an amalgamation of all our team’s unique talents and palettes.

Everyone here are STJC is very excited to share their knowledge and skills with you!

Check out these exquisite, mouth-watering menus!




We also provide equipment rentals for any of your private party needs.


Contact us today to plan your dinner with Mathayom Private Chef’s & St. John Catering or 340.777.5464

Vegetarian Full Moon Dinner Harvest Moon September 16, 2016

This past Friday, we had another spectacular four-course meal put out by some of our team of talented chefs.  Nils Carlstedt and Jeh Roberts spearheaded the efforts for our intimate affair, and they didn’t disappoint.

It’s understandable that some folks might be timid about trying a vegetarian meal.  Probably, at some point in their past, they have have less than satisfying experiences, and are tapping into a distant memory of grilled tofu over brown rice or something similar.

However, all of our chefs are themselves omnivores and understand the nutritional cravings for protein that go along with being accustomed to eating meat.  So, we designed a menu that left no one hungry.  Using many ingredients that came from our kitchen-side garden, the chefs made the menu creative while at the same time familiar.

In addition, our very own Iron Bartender and office magician, Jackie Driscoll, came up with drink pairings that not only were crafted to perfection, but also enhanced the meal’s flavor and personality.

In direct contrast to this month, for October’s Hunter Moon, we will be hosting a Robert Mondavi Wine Dinner featuring Wild Game.  Price will be $90 for food only and $125 with with wine pairings.  Call us at 877-690-9393 to reserve your seats for October 14th, as this one will sell out quickly.

Check out the September’s menu and pictures below:



Sorrel Orange Jasmine Simple Syrup // Brugal Oak Aged Extra Viejo Rum // Fresh Orange & Lime Juice // Cava

Windy Level Purple Basil & Local Passion Fruit Shrub //  Ginger Lemongrass & Honey Simple Syrup //  Vodka // Club Soda

Spicy Serrano Grapefruit Simple Syrup //  Fresh Grapefruit Juice //  Muddle Cucumber & Cilantro // Tequila // Orange Liqueur // Citrus Salt Rim


Local Yam Rosti  /  Windy Level Salad  /  Radish  / 62 Degree Egg

Coconut Polenta  / Roasted Mushroom   / Asparagus  / Truffle Vinaigrette

Cauliflower “Cake” /  Windy Level Aubergine  /  Black Garlic  / Freekeh

Sweet Carrot & Parsnip Souffle / Candied Pecan  / Orange Tuille



Recap: August Full Moon Dinner

Last week we held our August Full Moon Dinner, with our friends from St John Brewers! We had a great crowd up at Windy Level for the Southern / Cajun inspired family style meal, and St John Experience App came up to shoot some video too, which we’re excited to see down the road.

Chef Ben Lewis took the lead on menu development for this event, drawing on his extensive background in the region. Ben has family and friends in the recently flooded regions of Louisana, so we’ll be donating the proceeds from the August Full Moon Dinner to relief efforts in the area.

The event was served family style, in several courses:

First Course:

Okra Corn Muffin / Whip Mango Butter

Creamless Creamed Greens & Hock

Inverted Tamale / Jalapeno / Grit Cake / Sweet Chili Glaze

Fried Green Tomato / House Boursin / Crawfish Etouffee

Paired with St John Brewers’ Island Summer Ale and Liquid Sunshine Ale


Second Course:

Alligator Sausage Cheesecake / Shrimp Gravy

Island Jambalaya / Spicy Pepper Jelly

Corn Maque Choux Pot Pie

Paired with St John Brewers’ Island Hoppin’ IPA and Amber Ale


Dessert Course:

Pecan Praline / Caramel Ice Cream “Float” / St John Brewers’ Root Beer

Of course, no St John Catering event at Windy Level would be complete without a group shot!

groupshot1Thanks to everyone who came out to join us! We look forward to seeing you at next month’s Full Moon Dinner, on September 16th – it will be a vegetarian dinner!

Moving forward, a portion of the proceeds from each Full Moon Dinner will be donated to an organization we feel is in need, either locally or where we feel we have a connection. We’re open to suggestions from all guests and attendees!